About Eenee

In 1990 Eenee Designs was created in the picturesque Island State of Tasmania which is situated just South of mainland Australia. Here we are creating innovative products which care for your children, you and the environment. We are committed to developing ecologically sustainable solutions to everyday problems and protecting quality of life.

Our company Kuver Designs Pty Ltd, was established in 1991 to manage and market our unique range of Eenee Designs products.  Kuver Designs Pty Ltd is care taker of the Eenee Designs Trade Marks, Patents and Registered Designs.


Our Hobart Organics Recycling Services is available through our website and compostable bag products are available directly from us through our secure on line order page on this site, and our unique award winning Compostable Eenee Nappy products are available through .   We are proud that we have developed the world's first disposable nappy/incontinence product which is acceptable for commercial composting.  Our Eenee Compostables have been endorsed by Compost Australia and are winners of a Sustainable Cities and Keep Australia Beautiful award.

Our new Eenee Organics Recycling service has been established to provide a much needed way to divert organics away from landfill.  Commercial composting provides the perfect method for economically and hygienically recycling organics which either are unsuitable for home composting and/or where home composting is not an option.  In order to make a high quality usable compost, careful source separation is required.  After extensive research, we have developed this opt in organics waste service in order to ensure the integrity of our organics feedstock for composting.  In Tasmania we are delighted to be able to offer the finished high grade compost for sale back to consumers, closing the loop and providing the sustainability we are all striving for.